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April 16 - April 30, 2015

Your "Reel Men" guide Tom and his brother-in-law Steve traveled to

Northern New Mexico to fish the San Juan River, the Pecos, and the

Rio Grande. The pictures below show some of the many rainbow and

brown trout we caught while fishing the San Juan River with expert guide,

Mark Nesbit of the "Blue Sky Fly Fishing Company".  Mark knows

the San Juan River like no one else and he proved it by putting us on

many huge trout. We used tiny nymphs with barbless hooks on light tippets,

but we got the job done.  All fish were released unharmed but wiser.

Check out the fish & the scenery below.

Thank You, Mark, for a trip we will remember for a long time!!




                             Steve battles a fat 17" San Juan rainbow trout.




                          Steve's nice 17" rainbow taken on a tiny nymph.




                             Mark shows off Tom's heavy rainbow trout.




                                      Another "reel" big rainbow for Tom.




                    A big 20" hog brown trout took a #20 brown midge nymph

                               and fought valiantly before coming to the net.




                      Mark displays another nice rainbow caught by Steve.



                           Another "whopper" rainbow trout landed by Tom.