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August 22 - 28, 2009

                   "Reel Men" guide Eric shows off a 6 lb. carp he caught on

                                     Saturday morning on Otsego Lake.               

Later Saturday morning, Eric nailed this nice

    4 lb. walleye and 3 lb. smallmouth bass on Otsego lake.


Here's another "closeup" shot of Eric's walleye & smallmouth bass

caught on Otsego Lake on Saturday morning.



                      Peter shows off the "Lunker" largemouth bass he caught

                    at the Otsego Lake bass tournament on Sunday, Aug.23rd.

                    It weighed 5.05 pounds and helped Peter and his dad to a

                      second place finish in the tournamentNice fish, Peter!



               Dave hoists up the two biggest fish caught by him and his partner,                     "Reel Men" Guide Tom at the Otsego lake bass tournament on Sunday.   

      Dave's largemouth on the right weighed 4.15 pounds and was the second  

      biggest fish of the tournament.  Your "Reel Men" guide Tom caught the two

      heaviest smallmouth of the tournament and he and his partner Dave took

                                               another First Place overall!



                    Another great shot of Dave and two of the three biggest

                  fish caught at Sunday's Bass Tournament on Otsego Lake.


         The two tournament winners, "Reel Men" guide Tom and his partner Dave show

     off their first place trophies from Sunday's bass tournament on Otsego lake.