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August 8 - 14, 2012



                            Evan lifts his two smallmouth bass high after fishing

                                 on Otsego Lake on the morning of August 9th.

                                          Both these fish are over 3 pounds!



          Andrew shows off his two largest smallmouth bass of the many fish he

          caught on the morning of August 9th on Otsego Lake while fishing with

                        his friend EvanBoth these fish were over 3.5 pounds




       Andrew and Evan display their four biggest smallmouth bass after a great

                                                     day fishing Otsego lake.


    Andrew displays a nice 12" rainbow trout caught on a nymph while fly-fishing 

         The Watauga river in eastern Tennessee with guide Jason Reep.                      


         Andrew plays another nice trout while guide, Jason, gets the net ready.                 




             Jason nets another good trout.  All trout were released unharmed.


                  "Reel Men" guide Tom shows off his 20" brown trout just before its release. 

            This beauty was caught while fly fishing the Watauga River in eastern

            Tennessee with guide, Jason Reep, of  "East Tennessee Fly Fishing". 



                  A great shot of a Watauga River rainbow trout fighting Andrew

                                              on its way to Jason's net.



                    Andrew shows off his last rainbow trout before releasing it.  

    Thank you, Jason, for a great trip. This trip ranked up there as one of the best

                                             fly fishing trips we ever had!