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August 16 - August 21, 2013


     "Reel Men" Guide Eric and his brother Andrew show off some awesome

      huge smallmouth bass they caught while fishing Otsego Lake on Friday,

        August 16th.  Where can you catch smallmouth like this in August??

          Otsego Lake - That's where!!  These two guys know how to fish!!


         Andrew and "Reel Men" guide Tom show off two big smallmouth bass

         and a nice walleye they caught on Otsego lake on Friday, August 16th.



             Your two guides Tom & Eric display the kind of fish you catch

              when you fish with the "Reel Men" - a walleye and two nice

            smallmouth bass caught on Otsego lake on Friday, August 16th.

         That big smallmouth Eric is holding is the first Otsego Lake smallmouth

               we've seen caught in 30 years that weighed in over 5 pounds!!

                                 ( A five pound 2 ounce whopper!!!)

                  Otsego Lake smallmouth are growing bigger every year!!



                   Laurie with one of five largemouth bass she caught on the

                    morning of Saturday, August 17th on Canadarago Lake.  

                                  All the bass were released unharmed.           


                        Another nice largemouth bass caught by Laurie on

                          Canadarago Lake on Saturday, August 17th.



        Ray and Tom show off two of the nice smallmouth bass they caught on

                           Otsego lake on Wednesday, August 21st.

             Ray is the happy guy above because he caught the biggest fish.

                                   Tom is the guy wearing two hats.