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August 15 - 21, 2012




                      Thomas, his grandad, Mark, and his dad, Joel, all hoist up

                  their six biggest bass caught on Otsego Lake on the morning of

                     August 17thThat largemouth bass on the left weighed in at

                                       exactly 4 pounds.  Great fish, Thomas!





                           Joel shows off his two big bass, one nice smallmouth

                           and one good largemouth after fishing on the morning

                                          of August 17th on Otsego Lake.




                               Thomas shows off his two biggest bass from

                                 Otsego Lake while fishing on August 17th.




                             Mark shows off his two best bass from August 17th,

                                                         on Otsego Lake.


                 Joel, Mark, & Thomas fished again the next day, August 18th

                         and they caught some "Reel" big smallmouth bass.

                              Pictured above are the three biggest ones!





                Pictured above is Thomas with his monster smallmouth bass

                      caught on Otsego Lake on the morning of August 18th.

             The fish was 19 inches long and weighed in at 4 pounds 1 ounce.

                                             Awesome fish, Thomas!!




                  Richard, Emerson, Kim and Gracey took a short fishing trip

                   on Saturday afternoon, August 18th. and Emerson caught

                         a lot of feisty sunfish.  Gracey caught a sunfish, too!

                         All the fish were released and we had a great time!




         Marsha, Jack, and Martin show off six of the fish they caught on Monday,

        August 20th on Otsego Lake.  They caught a total of 12 smallmouth bass,

                         6 rock bass, one largemouth bass, and one pickerel.