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August 1 - 7, 2012


                         Jim lifts up two "reel" big smallmouth bass he caught

                              on Otsego Lake on the morning of August 4th.

                               That fish on the right weighed in at 4 pounds!

                                                 Awesome fish, Jim!   




                      Jim's dad, Steve shows off a nice smallmouth bass and a

                          good sized largemouth bass he caught while fishing

                        on the morning of August 4th July 24th on Otsego Lake.

                                          Both fish weighed in at 3.5 pounds




                         Steve and his son, Jim, display the four biggest bass

                      they caught on Otsego Lake on the morning of August 4th.

                       Looks like Jim beat his dad and won the big fish contest

                                     with that whopper smallmouth on the right!


                 Janet and Doug show off four of the many big smallmouth bass

              they caught while fishing on Otsego Lake the morning of August 7th.





             Andrew picked the right dry fly and worked on this big, wary, trout

      until he got him to take.  Here he plays it carefully, but the fight is not over. 

        The big trout were rising on this "secret" pool on the West Branch of the

       Delaware River on Thursday afternoon, August 2nd, but they were very

          selective!  Andrew was the only fisherman in our group good enough

                                           or lucky enough to hook a big one!



                          In this shot, Andrew gets ready to net the big trout!



           The battle is won and the big brown trout is netted!  Great job Andrew!



            Andrew shows off the big brown he caught on a #18 blue winged olive

                                 dry fly.  You think he enjoyed catching it??

   Take note of the "Trout and About" hat.  That hat must have been the difference

                as no one else in our group wore that hat and we caught nothing..




                  A final shot of the big 18" brown just before it was released.





             Andrew revives the big fish and releases it into the 52 degree water

                               of the West Branch hopefully to be caught again!