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August 1 - 7, 2009

                Bri shows off some "reel" big largemouth bass she caught on

                             Monday morning with her dad on Otsego Lake.  


Bri and Dave hoist up four of many good bass they caught on

Otsego Lake on Monday. 

"Chris shows that she can catch big largemouth in the middle of the afternoon

on Otsego Lake while the "men" couldn't catch any bass.  Nice fish Chris!



           Scott & Lisa "hammered" the big smallmouth on Otsego Lake early 

           Wednesday morning on surface plugs. They also got big largemouth.



            Bri and her mom, Chris went out for another day fishing on Thursday

             on Otsego Lake and caught some nice largemouth and a pickerel. 

            Bri and Chris also caught two nice walleyes which they ate for lunch. 

                                            Bri had the biggest walleye.



                 Dave, Bri, and Chris show off some of the fish they caught on

                                              Otsego Lake on Thursday.