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August 8 - 14, 2009

               Joe and his son Charlie show off some nice bass they caught on

                                   Otsego Lake on Saturday morning.

Charlie hoists up some nice largemouth bass.  Nice fish Charlie!



Joe caught some "reel" nice largemouth bass on Otsego Lake on

Saturday morning.  Pictured are two of the bigger ones.



           Tim, Sam, and Jonathan caught many nice fish on Canadarago Lake

                 on Saturday morning while fishing with "Reel Men" Guide Eric. 

          The perch on the right  weighed 1 1/2 lbs. and that's one big largemouth

                                        bass in the middle caught by Sam!



     "Reel Men" guide Eric pictured behind the Bennett family with some more of

     the many fish caught on Saturday morning on Canadarago Lake.  These fish

                                                        made a great fish fry.



     Dad Neil and his two sons Neil and Mike show off some

of the great fish they caught on Otsego Lake on Monday morning. 

That's a "Reel" nice big largemouth bass on the left Neil !



             Two brothers from Michigan, Neil and Mike hoist up some

          of the great fish they caught on Otsego lake on Monday morning.

          They didn't let the rain or a thunder storm stop them from fishing.