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January 2014

Tom, your "Reel Men" Guide traveled to the Turks & Caicos Islands for

10 days from January 20th to the 30th and got into some "Reel" trophy

bonefishing using a fly rod with guide, Derrah.  The fishing was awesome!!

If you don't have 200 yards of backing on your fly reel, you shouldn't fish

here. The bonefish are huge and strong.  The first run always goes way

into your backing.  Be ready to play the fish for a long time!


    Tom with a huge 12 pound bonefish caught on the flats in Turks & Caicos.

    This fish took 200 yards of line out on it's first run. We landed the fish after

               over an hour fight and after over 20 spectacular runs. Fun!!




            Guide, Derrah expertly lands a big bonefish by hand - no net!




                                                 Derrah lands another bonefish.              



        Another trophy bonefish for Tom.  This one weighed in over 10 pounds!




                                     Tom's last bonefish of the day - a beauty!!



                  Guide Derrah  hoists up another bonefish - a front end shot.