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July 6-12, 2011


                    Lee and Dan hoist up their net full of large smallmouth bass

                                        caught on July 6th on Otsego lake.


                          A shot of 5 of the biggest bass caught on Otsego lake

                                 by Lee and Dan on Dan's birthday - July 6th. 

                             Happy Birthday Dan!! - A great way to celebrate.



                       Another shot of "Birthday Boy" Dan with his "Reel" big

                                    smallmouth bass caught on Otsego lake.



                     Laurie shows off a 4 lb. and a 3 lb. walleye she caught on

                                  Canadarago Lake on Thursday, July 7th.


                              Laurie hoists up her 23 inch, 4 lb. walleye

                            caught on Canadarago Lake on July 7th.




                  "Reel Men" guide Eric shows off two "Reel" nice smallmouth

                    bass he caught using "tubes" early Friday morning, July 8th

                                                 on Canadarago Lake. 

                            His daughter Ellie  caught that perch by herself!!


           "Reel Men" guide Eric shows his daughter Ellie the two "eating size" 

                walleye grandpa "Tom" caught on Canadarago Lake on Friday,

            July 8th.  Guide Eric brought them in by hand into the boat because

                    Grandpa "Tom" forgot the landing net.  Nice going Eric!