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July 8 - 15, 2010


                   Ray & Dick show off some big smallmouth & largemouth bass. 

                                      caught on Otsego Lake on Friday July 9th.                                              


                           Another shot of Dick's and Ray's Otsego lake bass.


                              Dave displays two of the five bass caught by the

                     "Reel Men" team at the tournament on Otsego lake on

                                                       Sunday, July 11th.


                 Dave & your "Reel Men" guide Tom hold up 4 of their limit of 5

                                        tournament bass from Otsego lake.




             Tyler and Josh lift up a huge net full of bass they caught from Otsego

                                         Lake on Wednesday, July 14th.  



                    Josh & Tyler show off some of their Otsego lake bass from

                                            that giant net full of fish above.    




                               Josh displays the big smallmouth of the day

                                          a 3.5 pound Otsego Lake beauty.



                     Tyler lifts up 3 big largemouth he caught on Otsego lake

                                       on Wednesday morning, July 14th.



                       Josh shows off some of the big bass he caught on

                        Otsego Lake on Wednesday morning including a

                     "slammer" smallmouth bass caught on a surface plug.