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July 9 - 16, 2012




                         Tracy came from Houston to catch his first walleye.

                           It was a nice fat 2 lb. fish caught on Otsego Lake

                                            on the morning of July 16th.




                           Ed shows off his two big rock bass to guide "Joe"

                        after fishing the morning of July 16th on Otsego Lake.




                           Tracy & Ed display 3 of the many fish they caught on

                   Otsego Lake on July 16th which included walleye, yellow perch,

                           many rock bass, 3 blue gills, a pumkinseed sunfish,

                                          and two small smallmouth bass.

                               Two big smallmouth were hooked but got away.



                        Andrew displays a nice largemouth bass he caught on

                               Canadarago lake the evening of July 15th.


                       Tom caught these 3 "slammer" smallmouth bass and one

                         nice largemouth the morning of July 14th on a guide trip

                           on Otsego lake.  He didn't want to be in the picture.




              Andrew shows "expert" technique in hooking a wary West Branch

              brown trout on Thursday afternoon, July 11th with a #18 sulphur fly.    



     Andrew  landed the 12 inch trout, got his picture taken and released the fish.



      Andrew demonstrates the proper casting stroke to fly fish for those selective

                                                     Delaware brown trout.




                         Mending the line to get a longer drag free drift.