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July 24 - 31, 2012




                        Andrew hoists up a huge 15 pound carp caught on a live

                           crayfish on Otsego Lake on the morning of July 24th.

                            It gave Andrew a spectacular fight on 8 lb. test line! 

                                               Awesome fish, Andrew!!   




                 Chip, Andrew, and Bob show off three nice smallmouth bass

                     and one walleye after fishing the morning of July 24th

                                                    on Otsego Lake.




                        Cooper took a break from the baseball camp to go

                   fishing on Otsego Lake with his dad, Vince on July 25th.

              He displays his two biggest fish of many which included walleye,

                  smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, yellow perch, rock bass,

                blue gills, pumpkinseed sunfish, and pickerel.  That smallmouth

             bass on the right was one of 3 that weighed in at exactly 3.5 pounds.

                                                 Great job, Cooper!!



                   Coop shows off a net full of 12 big smallmouth bass, two

                 largemouth bass, and one pickerel all caught by him and his

                            dad on Otsego Lake the morning of July 25th.


                      Vince shows off two big 3.5 pound smallmouth bass he

                   caught while fishing with his son, Cooper on the morning of

                   July 25th on a guide trip on Otsego lake.  Nice fish, Vince!





              Coop and his dad, Vince display their four best fish of the 27 fish

                  that they caught on Otsego Lake on the morning of July 25th.    



        Chris shows off two huge bass he caught on Otsego Lake while fishing with

      his dad and brother on Friday, July 27th.  The smallmouth on the left weighed

    in at exactly 4 pounds and the largemouth on the right was just two ounces less.

       Chris was the champ of the day with the two biggest fish! Congratulations!



      Nick shows off two of the many big smallmouth bass he caught on Friday

                         July 27th while fishing with his dad and brother. 





            Rich had a slow start , but caught up with his two sons later in the day.

              Here Rich shows off his two biggest smallmouth bass of the day.     




        A great shot of Dad, Rich, and his two sons Chris & Nick displaying three

          of the many big bass they caught on Otsego lake on Friday July 27th!