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July 1 - 8, 2012




                    Jamie & Andrew teamed up to land this largemouth from

                           the dock at dusk on July 5th on Canadarago Lake.




                 Amanda shows off her nice largemouth bass from July 6th on

                                                 Canadarago Lake.




                     Jamie shows off two of his largemouth bass caught on

                                            July 6th on Canadarago lake..




                     Jamie and Amanda display another nice largemouth from

                                                      Canadarago lake.


          Bonnie shows off a huge 4lb. largemouth caught on Canadarago Lake

                                    in the evening of July 7th on a surface plug.




                  Aaron displays two of the four largemouth he caught on

                           Canadarago Lake on the morning of July 8th.

                           The bass on the right weighed in at 3 pounds



                              Another shot of Aaron's big 3 lb. largemouth bass.