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June 19 - June 24, 2013





           Pat & Julius show off four of the many beautiful big smallmouth bass

                        they caught on Otsego lake on Wednesday June 19th.





                Another shot of Pat and Julius with four big smallmouth bass.





        Dave & Oscar came from Massachusetts to catch those big Otsego Lake

        smallmouth bass and they were very successful.  Pictured above are four

                               big ones from the over 40 fish they caught.




          Another shot of Dave & Oscar with 4 "reel" nice smallmouth bass from

                                                     Otsego Lake.



   Jim, Bill, Rich, and Jim pose with five of the big bass they caught on Otsego

             Lake on Saturday, June 22nd. These guys could fish!  I lost count at

                    somewhere around 60 fish.  They caught 2 species of bass,

                                  rock bass, walleye, perch, and pickerel.     



                Bill, Rich and big Jim hoist up 3 of the 7 walleyes they caught

              while the other Jim shows off his huge pickerel which was the big

                               fish of the trip - both the heaviest and longest!



       Mike and his son, Ryan came from Louisiana to catch smallmouth bass in

       Otsego Lake and they were VERY successful! Pictured here are the four

                  biggest bass they caught on Monday morning, June 24th.




             Another shot of Mike and Ryan with four of the many bass they caught.