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June 15 - June 21, 2014



          Ryan displays a 17" smallmouth bass he caught on Tuesday morning

                                                June 17th on Otsego Lake.                                    



      Greg shows off one of the biggest smallmouth he caught on Otsego Lake.

              The fish weighed 3 pounds and was one of 10 that he caught. 



      Greg, Dave and Ryan hold up Dave's 18" smallmouth bass, the big fish

       of the day.  These three fishermen caught 24 fish on the morning of

        June 17th. Dave got only 4 but caught the biggest and Greg and Ryan

           each got 10 fish.  All fish caught were released right away.



     Jacob caught & released this big smallmouth bass fishing Otsego Lake on

                                                 Wednesday, June 18th.

                            It was immediately released after the picture.




               Jacob's mom, Melissa, proved that she could catch some nice fish

                 also with this good smallmouth bass she caught and released.



      Jacob shows off the big fish of the day, a 19" fat smallmouth that weighed

         close to 4 pounds.  Jacob and his mom caught 33 fish including two

          walleyes.  All bass were released immediately after a quick photo..




            Oscar displays one of three 15 "  fish he caught on Friday, June 20th,

           on Otsego Lake. He and his friend, Dave, (Fishing in the background)

                               caught 24 fish and released them all.