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June 15 - 23, 2010


     "Reel Men" guide Eric on the right shows Andrew and Evan that he can

       catch the biggest smallmouth bass.  That's a 3lb. 8 oz. fish on the right

                                      all caught on Sunday June 20th.   



                    Evan hoists up his two smallmouth bass caught on Otsego

                                                      on Sunday June 20th.



Andrew displays the whoppers that he caught on

Sunday, June 20th on Otsego Lake


   "Reel Men" guide Eric can "reely" catch big smallmouth bass!

                           Three brothers Chuck, Boyd & Daniel show off the pile of fish they caught

                                          on Otsego Lake on Monday, June 21st.

                      (Fifteen smallmouth bass, one big largemouth, & 5 rock bass)



                      Chuck & Pete show off their fish.  That largemouth bass is

                                                        just shy of 4 pounds.



           Boyd & Daniel caught some great smallmouth bass on Otsego Lake on

       Monday, June 21st.  Both these fish were 18 inches long and over 3 pounds.