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June 25 - June 29, 2013





           Luke holds up his 4 lb. walleye caught on Otsego lake on Wednesday

                             June 26 while fishing with his Grandfather, Les.





          Les displays his huge 4 pound smallmouth bass while grandson, Luke

           strains to lift his big walleye and pickerel caught on Otsego Lake the

                                                     morning of June 26th.                    


      The "Reel Men" took a break from fishing Otsego Lake on Tuesday,

      June 25th. We went fly fishing on the West Branch of the Delaware.

                     Below are some great shots of fly fishing for trout:


                              Andrew hooks and plays a nice brown trout.




     Andrew hooks and plays a much bigger brown trout taken on a prince nymph.



                  Andrew shows off a beautifully colored fat 18 inch brown trout.


                                       Another photo of Andrew's big brown trout.



         Andrew releases another nice brown trout back into the chilly water.




                  Tom's 18 inch brown trout had big dark spots, but lacked the

                                                 color of Andrew's trout