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June 8 - 15, 2012



            Laurie displays four beautiful walleyes she caught on Otsego Lake

     on the morning of June 9th.  The two on the right weighed in at 3 lbs. each!




           Another shot of Laurie and her big walleyes caught on Otsego Lake

                              on Saturday, June 9th.  Great catch, Laurie!!               




             Andrew hoists up two of the 15 big smallmouth bass he caught

                    while fishing Otsego Lake on the morning of June 11th.

            These fish weighed over 3lbs. each and Andrew released them 

                                 immediately right after the picture.





               Andrew displays his biggest smallmouth bass of the day, a 3.5 lb.,

                         18 inch whopper.  He released it right after the photo.   


                Andrew shows off his big catch of the day, a 15 lb., 31 inch carp

               caught while drift fishing for walleye on Otsego lake on June 11th. 

               That big carp took Andrew 35 minutes to land using 6 lb. test line.

                                                       Great job Andrew!!