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July 16 - 23, 2009

Doug shows off some beautiful Otsego Lake smallmouth bass

he caught on July 16th.

Ellie checks out the walleye her "Reel Man" dad caught on Canadarago

Lake on Saturday.  Her mom, Jen caught that 8 lb. carp.

"James and his daughter and two sons show off four of the 44 fish they caught

on Monday July 20th on Otsego Lake including 9 big smallmouth bass!

Not bad for a half-day fishing!

Sarah, Greg and James, Jr. show off the big Smallmouth Bass they caught on Otsego Lake.




      Vince and his son Cooper hold up four of the 18 monster bass they caught

                                           on Otsego Lake on July 21st.



            Young Cooper caught that 4 pound smallmouth bass on a surface

         lure at 7:00 AM.  It was the biggest bass he has ever caught to date!




                 Vince holds up a 3.5 and 4 pound largemouth bass hooked on

                               our secret lure on Otsego Lake on Tuesday.



                Vince and his son are smiling over all the big bass they caught.

                    Their total for a half-day fishing was 34 fish - 18 big bass!!