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July 24 - 31, 2009

              Donna and "Vee" show off some "reel" big largemouth bass they

            caught on Otsego Lake on a rainy Friday morning. They used their 

                                    "Designer" rain outfits to stay dry!

Rob and Bob hoist up two of many "slammer" bass they caught on

Otsego Lake on Friday.  Rob's big smallmouth was taken on a surface plug and Bob had the biggest bass of the day, a largemouth that was not quite 4 pounds!

Two good fish and two good fishermen.

"Rob, Donna, Vee, and Bob show off their four biggest fish of the day.

In five hours of fishing they caught a total of 28 fish with 23 keeper bass!

Not bad for a half day of fishing!!  They released all the fish they caught.


             Donna & Steve show off a good smallmouth and a huge rock bass

                                              caught on Canadarago Lake.