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June 1-15, 2009

Kay with a net full of tasty perch & blugills!

Dick with one of many smallmouth taken on Friday with a fly rod on Otsego lake!

He released the fish immediately after the picture.

Laurie holds five "Jack" perch she caught on Canadarago Lake on Sunday.


Dave with a 3 lb. Otsego Lake smallmouth taken on the surface!

He released it immediately after the picture.

Dave's 4 lb. largemouth taken on Otsego Lake.  He released it immediately.


                      Andrew's big largemouth bass taken on Otsego Lake on

            Wednesday, June 15th.  He released it immediately after this picture.




               Andrew with 3 lb. smallmouth bass also caught on Wednesday

                                 on Otsego Lake. He released it immediately.