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May 1 - May 15, 2014

Tom, Andrew, & Chris spent many hours fly fishing the tailwater

Catskill streams in early May. Below are some shots of big browns

from 16" to 21" caught on Light Hendricksons, Brown Caddis and

small nymphs.  All trout pictured were released.


         A fat 18" trout taken by Tom on a Light Hendrickson dry fly size #14.




                    Another nice 17" brown taken on a Pheasant Tail nymph.




                      This fat 16" brown took a #20 Zebra Midge nymph.



         A "Reel" big 19" hog brown trout took a #20 olive Zebra midge nymph

                       and fought for 20 minutes before coming to the net.



          This big brown trout measured 21" and took another Zebra Midge nymph.



           A shot of Chris waist deep in the Delaware River just after he released

                                                           a nice brown trout.      



                   May 13th seemed to be a good day to try bass fishing on

                     Otsego Lake and Alan shows off one of the 20 or so

                    largemouth bass he caught & released that afternoon. 



               "Reel" Men Guide Tom shows he can catch bass also with a nice    

                            smallmouth bass that was immediately released.