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October 14 - 21, 2009

        John, Dick, and Dan show off some "Reel" good size smallmouth bass

         and one largemouth caught on Otsego Lake on Wednesday, Oct. 14th.

                                   Dick is holding two 4 lb. fish in the middle.   



              Another shot of the three guys from above with their big bass.


Nathan and Doug display their big smallmouth and one lake trout caught on

on Thursday Oct. 15th on Otsego Lake.

  Another shot of Nate and his dad, Doug, with their fish from Otsego Lake.

 That lake trout measured 23 inches and weighed over 4 pounds and one

  big smallmouth measured 19 inches and weighed in over four pounds, too.

The cold weather didn't stop the fish from biting!


                    Joanne shows off a 4 lb. smallmouth and a 4 lb. lake trout she

                           caught on Wednesday, October 21, on Otsego Lake!           




                 Lou hoists up some "Reel" nice smallmouth bass he caught on

                   Otsego Lake while fishing on Wednesday, October 21st.




      Lou and Joanne had a great day fishing on Wednesday on Otsego lake!

    These are just four of the many fish they caught - mostly big smallmouth bass!!