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October 1 - 7, 2009

                       Matt and Bob show aff some big smallmouth bass

                           they caught on Otsego Lake on Saturday.

              Bob caught the biggest fish of the trip in the center of the picture.


                    Robert and his dad Rob with some more nice Otsego Lake

                                                 fish caught on Saturday.


Robert, Matt, Rob, & Bob display some of the many good fish they all

caught while fishing on Saturday on Otsego Lake.

   Another good shot of the fish caught on Saturday morning on

Otsego Lake by the guys in the above photo.




         Joe, Dave, John & Dennis hoist up the nice fish they caught on Sunday

       morning on Otsego Lake.  Apparently John's fish was so heavy he couldn't

                              lift it high enough to make it into the picture.   _____________________________________________________________________


                       Another shot of four of the biggest smallmouth caught by

                      Joe, Dave, John & Dennis on Otsego Lake.  John had the

                       biggest fish at 3lb. 14 oz. and Joe's fish came in second

                       by only 2 ounces.  Overall these guys caught over 40 fish

                      including many large perch which they kept for a big fish fry.