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October 8 - 14, 2009

       Bob waits for a big brown trout to hit his nymph while fishing  the "No Kill"

         stretch of stream on the Willowemoc creek outside of Roscoe, NY on

                                                  Thursday, October 8th.




     Bob demonstrates his lightning-like casting expertise fishing for  nymphing 

      brown trout on the Willowemoc Creek on a guided trip with the "Reel Men".


Bob hooks one of those brown trout on a "secret" nymph pattern.

   Bob expertly plays the brown trout as he leads it to the net!




               Bob shows off his 16 inch brown trout just before releasing it back

                                                   into the 52 degree water.



          Bob hooks another big Brown trout while nymping the next pool on the

                                                      Willowemoc Creek.


                     Again Bob shows how to correctly play and land another

                                                           nice brown trout.     




                    Bob shows off another nice 16 inch Willowemoc brown just

                      before releasing it.  Later that afternoon we fished the

                  famous Cairns and Hendrickson Pools on the Beaverkill River.

                       The trout were rising to a variety of dry fly patterns from

                                    a small #20 "olive" to a big "Royal Wulff"!

                             An awesome autumn day and a great fishing trip!