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October 23 - 31, 2010


     Laurie shows off some nice Otsego Lake smallmouth caught on Oct. 23rd.




           Laurie strains to lift this big 5 lb. lake trout caught on Otsego Lake

                                                          on October 23rd.                                                                                                                          



                                    Laurie got this 14 inch perch on a live minnow.                        



           Laurie hefts this big 7 pound male lake trout caught on Otsego lake on

                                                  October 23rd.    Nice fish!!      





                Ray and Tom show off 4 of the many big smallmouth caught on

                                 Otsego Lake on Wednesday, October 27th.

                                      All these fish are over 3 pounds each!!




         Arnie and his friend show off three nice smallmouth and a lake trout caught

                                    on Otsego lake on Friday, October 29th.



                                          Another shot of those four nice fish!!