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October 22 - 31, 2012



     Adam, Vicky, Donna & Jim display some of the biggest smallmouth bass  

         they caught on Tuesday, October 23rd on Otsego Lake.  Nice Fish!

              Four of those bass in this picture weighed close to 4 pounds!!




                Pictured above are Vicky & Donna in their designer rain suits

            showing off some big smallmouth and a nice perch they caught on

                           Otsego Lake on Tuesday, October 23rd.




                    Adam displays his nice lake trout caught on October 23rd 

                                                            on Otsego lake.             



                Kay and Dave hoist up some "Reel" BIG smallmouth bass they

                        caught on Otsego lake on  Wednesday, October 24th.

                                  That fish on the left is a real 4 pound hog!