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October 1 - 6, 2012

The "Reel Men" Traveled to Wyoming and Montana

to fly fish for trout & hunt for pronghorn antelope!


              Tom's son-in-law Jamie shows off a brightly colored brown trout

                 from Montana's famous Bighorn River while driftboat guide,

                                                Nick checks out the fish.      




              Jamie shows off a fat rainbow trout he caught on the Bighorn River,

              a 19" beauty that hit a #18 sow bug nymph.  Jamie beat "Reel Men"

                    guide, Tom with this rainbow, the biggest fish of the trip.

                                      Our guide, Nick looks on in approval.




              "Reel Men" guide Tom displays another beautifully colored brown          

                   trout he caught on the Bighorn River in Fort Smith, Montana.

                  This trout put on an aerial display, jumping 6 times and clearing

                          the water by 3 and 4 feet on some of those jumps.

                  Tom and Jamie caught over 30 trout and released all of them.

                                      The Bighorn is an awesome trout river!!


           A great picture of Jamie with his pronghorn antelope buck, taken just

      east of Ranchester, Wyoming while hunting with Wyoming guide, Kelsey &

      WFO outfitters.  Jamie made a great shot from 250 yards to bag this buck.

       This perfectly symmetrical rack will make a great trophy for Jamie's office.






                   Jamie and Tom pose with Jamie's nice pronghorn buck.


                  It was cold and very windy but the hunting was awesome.



                "Reel Men" guide Tom poses with his "Reel" big pronghorn buck,

         shot later in the day on Wednesday, October 3rd.  Tom crawled 100 yards

       with guide Kelsey and made a 180 yard shot shooting from a prone position

           through a yucca bush to nail this trophy.  Check out the thick horns and

                                     heavy body on this pronghorn buck !




                        Tom & Jamie pose with Tom's trophy pronghorn buck.