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September 10 - September 20, 2013

                 Reel Men" Guide , Tom and his wife , Laurie took off to

              Oak Island, NC for a week fishing with Dick and Irish, and

                         our hosts Kay & Sue.  Great Pictures follow:   


        Tom, Dick, & Kay hoist up 5 big black drum caught on Sunday morning

                        on Kay's boat in a secret spot off of Southport, NC.                                      




           "Reel Men" guide, Tom shows that he can catch flounder and redfish

                                         thanks to Kay's expert guiding.





 Sue & Irish caught some nice fish!! That's an 8 lb. black drum that Irish is holding.         


                           Kay caught the two biggest flounder of our trip.

                                These two big "slabs" tasted "reel" good!!


                "Reel Men" guide, Tom with two ribbon fish he caught in the surf.

                                     ( Strange, eel-like fish with big teeth )