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September 1 - September 9, 2013




                  Rocky & Doug display 4 of the nice smallmouth bass they

                      caught on the morning of Sept. 1st on Otsego lake. 

             The biggest fish, an 18 inch smallmouth (2nd fish in from the right)

              was caught by Doug, but there's a couple of nice 16 inchers

                                                   in the picture also!



         Another good shot of Rocky and Doug with their big smallmouth bass.


        The "Reel Men" traveled to Grand Lake Stream, Maine to fish with

        John and Tom for feisty smallmouth bass and jumbo white perch.



                     Tom shows off a typical "Wabash Lake" smallmouth.           


           "Reel Men" guide, Tom shows he can also catch Maine smallmouth.


                   This huge bull moose joined us upriver off of "Third Lake".                       



           Check out the massive antlers on this bull moose as he decides he

                           has had enough of us and turns and leaves.  



                           Tom shows off another smallmouth from "Wabash Lake".





                          Jumbo white Perch caught on Wabash Lake.




   A great shot of "Wabash Lake" and our "Grand Laker" canoe from our cabin at sunset.

    Thanks again, John for a great week fishing.  Our last day we caught over 100 fish!!