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September 14 - September 20, 2014

The following pictures are from a week of salt water fishing Oak Island

in southern North Carolina for red and black drum and bluefish along with

                    some great crabbing for large blue crabs.


                Sue and Laurie show our morning catch of 34 huge blue crabs.

                         Kay's delicious crab cakes followed that evening.



                           Irish and Dick joined in on the big crab harvest.




          Kay shows off the biggest black drum we have seen to date, caught off

                      our secret spot near Cape Fear - a 14 lb. monster!



                A shot of the huge sting ray hooked by Laurie from our secret

              spot. We cut the line after a 30 minute battle to avoid the stinger,

                                 but we estimated the weight at 30 to 40 lbs.



           Laurie and Sue show off another morning's catch of black drum and

                croakers.  Another delicious fish fry followed that evening.    



                    Laurie displays the 17" sea trout she caught from the surf

                                                      on Oak Island, NC.                                                                              




             Another morning's harvest from the sea. From the left, Kay with two nice

             black drum, Laurie and her sea trout, Dick and a 27" red drum, Irish and

               a black drum and Sue with a big croaker.  The fish were sure biting!                    




                Dick and a great shot of his "slot limit" 27 inch, 12 lb. red drum.




                      A neat shot of a Spade Fish Tom caught in our secret spot



      A shot of the 11 bluefish caught from the surf on Friday morning, Sept 19th,

                                       Oak Island, NC by Kay and Tom.         



            Kay and the biggest bluefish caught in the surf on Friday morning.

                                                         A nice 22 incher.



       Dick hoists up the biggest fish caught on our trip, a 22 lb., 38 inch

                      red drum, caught and released after a valiant fight.



                            Tom tried to match Dick's huge fished but failed.

                       He made a great effort with this 15 lb. 34 inch red drum.

                                Tom released the fish right after the photo.