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  June 26-28, 2008



Zach, Jennifer, Noah & Rich with 4 good fish!

Zach & Noah show off their fish.

Grayson lifts his huge 5 lb. walleye as Peyton looks it over.  Grayson wins a “Reel Men” T-shirt for this awesome catch!


Grayson needs Peyton’s help to heft his monster 14 lb. carp.

The guys from Alabama show off some great fish.  These guys are good fishermen!

Grayson & Peyton with their best fish of the day.

John & Mark display some good old “yankee” bass.  These guys can fish!

Donna lifts her huge carp!

Rob, Bob, Veronica, & Donna show off some real good bass.

Rob & Bob with some great smallmouth – two great fishermen!

Two nice bass for Donna & “V”.

Bob & Donna celebrate their 28th wedding anniversary by going fishing on Otsego Lake!  They chose well !!