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May 2008- The “Reel Men” sponsored their annual trek to Canada again this year. Our sincere thanks to the Lodge owners Gary and Diane Koch of Lac Berthelot. Every year because of their efforts the fishing gets better. This year’s “crew” caught 983 fish in just over 6 days of fishing!! Unbelievable! Thanks also to Glenn Dunning of “Tundratours” for booking the trip! Check out the fish below:


Jim B. with a good pike

Jim L. & Vic with nice walleyes

Jim B. & Denny with dinner

Vic with a real nice pike

Denny with a big pike

The “crew” that caught 983 fish

A “reel” big walleye for Tom

A good walleye for Dick

Jim L. with a great pike

Dick gets ready to fly the plane?