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  October 13 - October 19, 2008



Bob K. & his grandson with some Otsego Lake smallmouth bass caught on Wednesday.

Bob's grandson shows off some nice smallmouth bass he caught.

Bob R. with two three pound smallmouth he caught on Friday at Otsego Lake.

A great net full of fish caught by Bob R. on Friday. That's a 4lb. walleye on top of all those smallmouth bass.

A great shot of the "Reel Men's" Nautic Star guide boat coming in to dock in the morning mist on Otsego Lake on Friday.

An awesome shot looking north on Otsego Lake on Friday. Courtesy of Bob R.'s camera. Thanks Bob!!

Bob R. hoists his two trophy smallmouth bass caught on his second cast and last cast on Sunday. Both weighed exactly 4 pounds! Great catch!!

Bob R. shows off a good lake trout caught on Sunday on Otsego Lake.
(a 24 inch 4 pound fish)